Taking responsibility for one’s health is becoming a mainstream decision yet we lack unified systems that provide guidance while addressing all matters of health. This site combines Chinese acupuncture, western scientific research and common sense to create a unified tool for restoring and maintaining human health.

  • ease or disease… part 2

    So what does having ease in your body looks like? On the physical level, it is the state of peace when there a sense of silence and lack of tension in the body, no pressure or high frequency buzz that most of us know so well. On the intellectual level (the brain), we notice calm […]

  • ease or disease… part 1

    One of the first things you’ll learn in Chinese medicine is that in the body, there is either ease or dis-ease. This simple statement has a profound effect on our ability to keep ourselves healthy. In a very elegant way, it points out that illness is closely related to tension. This truth is essential to […]

  • what does a healthy life look like?

    We are not bound by principals, ethics or morals. We are bound by our design, capable of incredible activments in physical, intellectual, artistic, spiritual and/or sexual sphere. We can be accomplished scientists or artists, explore the mysteries of Nature or human body, be successful parents, loving neighbors and leaders of our communities. We see many […]

  • five layers of Human Health

    The conversation about Human Health should start with defining what Health really is. Is it a absence of symptoms of disease? What if science hasn’t discovered a particular illness? Perhaps a more unifying way to look at it is “what does health look like?” Does it look like “absence of symptoms” or does it look […]

  • no one teaches it…

    Of all the things you will ever own nothing comes close in value to your own body. Saying that “14 billion dollars couldn’t save Steve Jobs’ life” helps put that value in perspective, gives us a glimpse at the discrepancy of attention we place on our vessels compared to things we pursue to own. And […]

  • holistic by definition

    The idea that we should approach our health from the Holistic point of view is very old, much older than modern medicine. All ancient healing practices used the holistic approach to lesser or greater effect as there are different levels of “being holistic”. In Chinese Medicine (and specifically Five Element Acupuncture), the idea of healing […]

  • the price of health

    It is impossible to put a dollar amount on human health versus being ill. What we do know is that our experience of life, reality and the world changes completely as our energy levels change and as our health fades. Churchill famously said that if you’re not progressive in your 20s – you had no […]

  • taking health into your hands

    Most of us recall a moment when our parent or a guardian pointed to a medical doctor and said: “you see that man in a white coat? You have to listen to him. He is a doctor and he’ll fix the problem.” Inevitably, at that moment, we gave away some responsibility for our health and […]

  • kindness and great lifestyle

    Throughout history humans placed high value on kindness. Christian Saints, Buddhist monks, spoke and meditated on it for centuries. It is one of the hallmarks of being a human. But the way we treat ourselves, how we relate to our own bodies should reflect that too. After all, how kind of a person are we […]

  • health needs a healthy routine

    All living things need good life routine. This is what we observe in nature, looking at plants and animals. Every living thing operates on on 3 cycles: daily cycle, moon cycle and a cycle of seasons (only humans added a weekly cycle!). The daily cycle is the one in which all of our needs and […]

  • five tools of Chinese medicine

    In Chinese medicine, prevention and healing go hand in hand – they knew just as we know: healthy people rarely get sick. It is why Chinese used to treat and charge for it when the patient was well and the patient would get free treatment if they got sick. Every doctor in Chinese medicine uses […]

  • why add Chinese medicine to our medicine cabinet?

    We are at the peak of western medicine development, incorporating the most advanced technologies into our vaccines, drugs and surgical procedures. But we as people are not healthier and judging by the explosion of obesity and lifestyle diseases, humans are less healthy then we used to be. Our state of health in general leaves a […]

  • lack of physical activity

    Humans evolved while moving, keeping their long limbs to survive and thrive. But modern life brought another huge change – lack of need to walk and run. We do not know yet what is the impact on our body’s health and to what degree does this change our body’s functioning. Another unknown is how much […]

  • poor diet

    Our digestive system evolved over hundreds of generations to mechanically and chemically process for, and extract dozens of ingredients necessary for our survival and eliminate what it doesn’t need. This system is so complex and sophisticated that modern science still can’t explain many of it’s secrets. What common sense tells us is that humans took […]

  • human condition theory

    Our bodies are extremely complex, resilient creations. They adapt quickly and can survive under most challenging physical and emotional circumstances. This can make it hard to tell when we’re damaging them, sometimes until it is too late. In addition to this, Internet, social media, industry and modern life make it harder then ever to decipher […]

  • poor sleep

    Every living thing sleeps and the fact that our science hasn’t issued a clear guidance as to how much is needed doesn’t mean that we can get away with less than what our body demands. You can’t tell your body that you slept enough when you didn’t and if it is ever begging you for […]

  • stress

    Chinese say “in the body, there is either ease or dis-ease” and the fact that in English language disease is a synonym for illness shows that western civilization used to know this too. Prolonged exposure to stress has devastating effects on our health yet little is done by our medical establishment to address this issue. […]

  • the four riders of the apocalypse

    Before we focus on details of how to improve and maintain one’s health, let’s take a quick look at what are the most damaging things we should keep an eye on. As you’ll possibly expect they are (in this order): stress, poor sleep, poor diet and lack of physical activity. 1. Stress is a killer, […]

  • how to energize our bodies and maintain health

    At the most fundamental level, our schools are supposed to teach us two things: how to maintain health and how to make money. They don’t do either but this a topic for another time. Generally speaking, modern human is less equipped to take care of themselves then ever before. The previous generations used to pass […]

  • health and energy in Chinese medicine

    Chinese Medicine theory combines with Chinese Philosophy to create a unified view of the Universe and humans’ place in it. All is integrated instead of segregated, as we do in the West. Three fundamental laws are shared between the philosophy and medicine. The First Law is the law of Chi that states that everything is […]

  • twelve organs that make, move and store energy

    Every language has an expression that goes like “today, I have no energy” and all humans understand it. This is not a scientific declaration, in fact: our science struggles to explant what this means. Explaining the emotion of Love creates a similar problem from western scientific point of view. Ancient Chinese Medicine offers not just […]

  • our life stories are written with energy we have

    If you think about it, everything we achieve in our life is a result of how much energy we had available. If you wake up tired and spend your days struggling to focus or even move, you will live a very different life story than if you were strong and fit. The reason for this […]

  • health is joy, compassion, bliss…

    How healthy are you and what is Health, anyway? Is it “the absence of pain”? “Lack of discomfort”? Many equal Health with “lack of symptoms of disease” but that leaves us limited to diseases we already know – what about diseases we haven’t discovered yet? One way to define Health is that it is a […]

  • what can Acupuncture heal?

    This is such a common question but the answer is rarely heard. Our bodies know how to create and heal themselves, in vast majority of humans we see a perfect growth (10 fingers, 10 toes and all the rest) from embryo until 20 years of age. It is one of Nature’s greatest miracles that more […]

  • why practice Acupuncture?

    If you are at Needleit.com, it may already be clear to you why we should learn and practice Acupuncture. If its not, here are just a few reasons: Acupuncture treats the problem – not just the symptom. It will not just remove your migraine, it will remove all of your future migraines and while treating […]