holistic by definition

The idea that we should approach our health from the Holistic point of view is very old, much older than modern medicine. All ancient healing practices used the holistic approach to lesser or greater effect as there are different levels of “being holistic”.

In Chinese Medicine (and specifically Five Element Acupuncture), the idea of healing a person as a whole is possibly taken further then in any other healing art. Way further in fact as Five Element Acupuncture is based on the most fundamental laws of Chinese Philosophy. These three laws (the Law of Chi, Law of Yin and Yang and the Law of the Five Elements) are the foundation of all of Chinese sciences so the whole of the universe, not just the whole of the human body is explained through them. The”whole” couldn’t possibly include more than this!

In this ancient approach to health, the human is inseparable from their environment but operates independently though the process of making, moving and storing energy necessary for survival. There are 12 cylinders  in this engine, 12 organs that give us abilities (talents) on all five levels. The five levels that every human operates on are: 
– Physical
– Intellectual
– Emotional
– Spiritual
– Sexual

Rather than “mind body, spirit classification,, the five levels used by Chinese theory truly include all layers of a person and the Five Element Acupuncture offers treatments and protocols to address every one of the five levels. Thousands of years of it’s use shows that that humans always wanted to be treated as a whole…