our life stories are written with energy we have

If you think about it, everything we achieve in our life is a result of how much energy we had available. If you wake up tired and spend your days struggling to focus or even move, you will live a very different life story than if you were strong and fit. The reason for this is not fitness but rather your ability to produce and maintain a optimal level of energy.

From Chinese medicine point of view, we all come with a certain amount of energy reserves that are “long term” and used sparingly throughout life. Most of our energy is the “short term” energy aquired and spent daily.

Seen from this perspective, human body can be described as a “energy generating organism” and things start to make more sense. Our health becomes much easier to manage as we start asking different questions like: “Why am I not energized?”, “What should I change to create more resources?”, “What are the factors that limit or improve my ability to make more energy?” and ultimately: “How does the body make and store energy?”