poor diet

Our digestive system evolved over hundreds of generations to mechanically and chemically process for, and extract dozens of ingredients necessary for our survival and eliminate what it doesn’t need. This system is so complex and sophisticated that modern science still can’t explain many of it’s secrets.

What common sense tells us is that humans took over the planet by eating food found in nature, that we need a variety of different foods, we need animal protein (design of our teeth, organs to break down fat) that we operate best on moderate portion size and better when eating less flavorful foods.

Human Condition theory tells us that food should be cooked (all cultures cook food throughout history), that we should eat some amount of animal protein (all civilizations had it in their diests and some cultures live purely on meat), that we thrive when we’re regular with our meals and meal times.

The poor diet that can rob one not just of years of life but take away the quality of life is the modern, western diet. It consists of foods altered to last longer on a store shelf, chemicals added to make taste stronger, caffeine and other stimulants that trigger unnatural levels of adrenaline and endorphin release, refined sugar that is 10 times more potent than natural fructose and causes insuline resistance.

The alternative is a diet made of natural ingredients that rarely come in packages or cans are of processed went only through grinding or cooking in water. Examples are grains (oats, weat) and legumes (beans) that were mechanically altered to be easier to prepare as good. All vegetables, fruits, seeds and nuts, some animal protein is good for our bodies (fish, poultry, eggs, game and others) but in small amounts and not necessarily every day.

Cooking is best when it is quick and at high temperature as in stir frying or steaming as it eliminates bacteria but doesn’t “kill” the food itself.

Juicing is a convenient way to get nutrients fast but we didn’t evolve with juices and there is no confirmation that we assimilate nutrition when it comes in liquid form (when there was no chewing done in the mouth). Juicing fruits also delivers much more sugar that we would consume if we actually ate fruit.