kindness and great lifestyle

Throughout history humans placed high value on kindness. Christian Saints, Buddhist monks, spoke and meditated on it for centuries. It is one of the hallmarks of being a human. But the way we treat ourselves, how we relate to our own bodies should reflect that too. After all, how kind of a person are we really if we are not kind to ourselves? And who is going to be kind to your body if you’re not kind and respectful to it?

Kindness is a great tool in looking to create more and better health. It allows us access to what our bodies really want before our brain gets in a way. When we use kindness, we will actually ask ourselves if we’re okay or “what do you need?”. And, as mentioned before, in era when there’s a lot of confusion regarding what’s healthy and what’s not, placing kindness towards ourself to the top of the list will give us unexpected access to what we actually need and want.

Bringing kindness to ourselves will also create more ease – the main ingredient of health. When we employ loving kindness, we’re activating our heart and our listening to what is possible outside of our current routine. And it is the living routine that generates or destroys our health. Over 80% of our hospital visits are are related to diseases of poor lifestyle, the rest being caused by trauma, bacteria and viruses.

So partnering with your body just like you’d partner with your best friend is the beginning of a “new, healthy you” and loving kindness towards yourself will assist you along the way.