health is joy, compassion, bliss…

How healthy are you and what is Health, anyway? Is it “the absence of pain”? “Lack of discomfort”? Many equal Health with “lack of symptoms of disease” but that leaves us limited to diseases we already know – what about diseases we haven’t discovered yet?

One way to define Health is that it is a state of being where all of our abilities are available and functioning. So it is not just physical or emotional health we are including in this statement. We are referring to all 5 of the layers of a human being: the physical, emotional, intellectual, spiritual and sexual level.

If this is Health, what does it look like? Does it manifest in thoughts and emotions we feel? Does it include feeling hatred towards others, wishing harm to anyone, feeling destructive towards others or having no concern towards our living environment?

Most of us remember moments in life when we felt connected to the world, felt like we could just run out to the street and want to hug every person, to follow every butterfly… We used to cry over someone else’s pain, inquire about their health, wish that somehow everyone would be as happy as we felt. And that is exactly what Health is: compassion, connection, empathy and at it’s peak: a blissful emotion of belonging.