health and energy in Chinese medicine

Chinese Medicine theory combines with Chinese Philosophy to create a unified view of the Universe and humans’ place in it. All is integrated instead of segregated, as we do in the West. Three fundamental laws are shared between the philosophy and medicine.

The First Law is the law of Chi that states that everything is made out of energy. Chinese created this idea thousands of years ago and western physics are finally catching up with it through quantum physiscs.

The Second Law is the law of duality, or Yin and Yang. It proposes that there is a built-in duality in everything we see. It can be Yin (dark, mysterious, feminine, passive) or Yang (bright, loud, aggressive, masculine) compared to something else. Tall or short, plus and minus, hot and cold… we see examples of Yin and Yang everywhere.

The Third Law is the law of Five Elements – it defines all life as a sequence of steps: birth and unstoppable growth; maturation; peak; decline and dying. Nothing is just born and dies, every living thing goes through these stages.

How do these laws explain our health?