what can Acupuncture heal?

This is such a common question but the answer is rarely heard.

Our bodies know how to create and heal themselves, in vast majority of humans we see a perfect growth (10 fingers, 10 toes and all the rest) from embryo until 20 years of age. It is one of Nature’s greatest miracles that more things don’t go wrong and that most of us mature in good health. So, the body knows how to use this life force power very well.

Acupuncture works by connecting to and directing that power. Unlike western medicine, acupuncture doesn’t try to override the workings of the body or to “fix” something that body knows how to fix much better. With acupuncture, we simply “remind” the body to do something it knows how to do but is not doing it for some reason. Acupuncture “tells the body” to repair skin or bring back “ease” so our anxiety can fade away.

Acupuncture helps with everything that is not connected to trauma, viral or bacterial attack – about 80% of our diseases and all of the biggest “killers”: heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, autoimmune diseases can all be successfully treated with acupuncture.

Even the bacterial and viral diseases that are so successfully treated by western medicine, can and should be treated with acupuncture because there is evidence that acupuncture improves the immune system performance and that way improves our resilience to disease and our powerful response if infected.

Finally, acupuncture is a very common tool for treating damage made by trauma – it is used all over the world in the physio and rehab settings where we wish to deliver more blood and energy to the damaged tissue.

Everything that a human body and it’s immune system can heal – Acupuncture can “heal”. That includes treatment of: all sorts of aches (headaches, backaches, etc), ulcers, heartburn, asthma, sores and all kinds of skin issues, eye vision, hearing, neck and back problems, joint and hip problems, cramps, swelling and so on. Acupuncture will greatly speed up healing process of mending bones, tendons, cuts and bruises, increase circulation, balance blood pressure, increase energy level and stamina, improve functioning of digestive and reproductive organs, greatly improve fertility, etc.

Acupuncture “partners” with your body to bring the healing on. Acupuncture is for everyone regardless of age or health condition and because it relies on one’s own power to heal, Acupuncture has no side effects – it will either “work” or it will “not work” based on the quality of diagnosis, selection of points and needleing technique.