no one teaches it…

Of all the things you will ever own nothing comes close in value to your own body. Saying that “14 billion dollars couldn’t save Steve Jobs’ life” helps put that value in perspective, gives us a glimpse at the discrepancy of attention we place on our vessels compared to things we pursue to own.

And yet, we (modern humans) know so little about how to manage and recreate health once it is gone. No elementary or middle school teachers Human Health. We all learn “how did the little guy do at the battle of Waterloo” as if it had any bearing whatsoever on our lives. We learn algebra we will never use in the real world but finish school not clear on how much sleep our bodies need or how to address elevated levels of stress most of us feel every day.

But Human Health and taking care of one’s body is a skill like every other. It has rules we need to follow, considerations to make in each individual case, practices that produce success and things we should never do to our bodies. And yet no school found it important enough to create a course in Human Health. Crazy, right?