taking health into your hands

Most of us recall a moment when our parent or a guardian pointed to a medical doctor and said: “you see that man in a white coat? You have to listen to him. He is a doctor and he’ll fix the problem.”

Inevitably, at that moment, we gave away some responsibility for our health and turned it over to someone else. This is how things used to be but today we know that doctors could never “fix” our health. And certainly not better than we could. Even if he had the time and empathy to attempt that, a doctor can never participate in our decision making process or be present to warn us about the mistakes we could be making every hour of every day. And, even more importantly: no one is as invested in our wellbeing as much as we are.

Hospital visit statistics show us that most of our current health issues are caused by life style choices rather then trauma, viruses or bacterial infections. This is a normal consequence of cleaner food, better housing and better hygiene but it also means that more then ever, we have the power to lead healthy, rich, amazing lives.

To make better life decisions and address health imbalances and challenges, one needs good tools. Common sense has been the main tool humans used for ever, long before we had science. To this day it is our go to device for all decisions big and small and it is a natural fist choice when it comes to taking care of ourselves.

Western science loves data and it will keep discovering patterns and relationships we need to understand if we want to stay healthy but it is the Five Element Acupuncture that offers the most important component of Needleit approach to health. As you will see in this blog, the Five Element Acupuncture offers access to all levels of health (physicall, intelectual, emotional, spiritual and sexual) while offering tools to address issues on every one of them.

As a package, the Common sense, western data and acupuncture can provide all the tools you need to take better care of yourself and create a long lasting, robust health even after you have lost it. These three tools will give you answers on all health questions and confusions the modern life will keep throwing at you.