why practice Acupuncture?

If you are at Needleit.com, it may already be clear to you why we should learn and practice Acupuncture. If its not, here are just a few reasons:

Acupuncture treats the problem – not just the symptom. It will not just remove your migraine, it will remove all of your future migraines and while treating your liver (common source of headaches is a liver out of balance), it will also remove other possible imbalances and work to bring Harmony to all of your organs. 

Unlike Western Medicine, Acupuncture provides access to a whole human. It treats a person on physical, emotional, intelectual, spiritual and sexual level. It is a holistic way of treating disease and, just as important – it is a way of creating balance and harmony so that a disease does not happen at all.

Acupuncture is not invasive. The sterile needle is inserted and then taken out, leaving no trace behind. When trying to heal your “symptoms” with western medicine, you will take drugs that contain active ingredients but also many other chemicals which will remain in your blood and your organs, possibly for years to come.

Acupuncture is portable. All one needs are sterile Acupuncture needles. This means that if trained, you can help yourself or anyone else, anywhere and anytime – no office, no other equipment, machines or instruments needed. What a great concept!

Finally and maybe most important, Acupuncture and the Five Element Theory offer a window into another world, another way of being. It is a view that most of us have never seen and it will liberate you and give you confidence that all will be well. By learning and practicing Acupuncture, both the patient and the practitioner benefit equally. One by gaining and maintaining harmony in their body, the other by observing, understanding and practicing the ways of the Universe.

Happy needling!