the price of health

It is impossible to put a dollar amount on human health versus being ill. What we do know is that our experience of life, reality and the world changes completely as our energy levels change and as our health fades. Churchill famously said that “if you’re not progressive in your 20s – you have no… Continue reading the price of health

kindness and great lifestyle

Throughout history humans placed high value on kindness. Christian Saints, Buddhist monks, spoke and meditated on it for centuries. It is one of the hallmarks of being a human. But the way we treat ourselves, how we relate to our own bodies should reflect that too. After all, how kind of a person are we… Continue reading kindness and great lifestyle

why add Chinese medicine to our medicine cabinet?

We are at the peak of western medicine development, incorporating the most advanced technologies into our vaccines, drugs and surgical procedures. But we as people are not healthier and judging by the explosion of obesity and lifestyle diseases, humans are less healthy then we used to be. Our state of health in general leaves a… Continue reading why add Chinese medicine to our medicine cabinet?

poor diet

Our digestive system evolved over hundreds of generations to mechanically and chemically process for, and extract dozens of ingredients necessary for our survival and eliminate what it doesn’t need. This system is so complex and sophisticated that modern science still can’t explain many of it’s secrets. What common sense tells us is that humans took… Continue reading poor diet

human condition theory

Our bodies are extremely complex, resilient creations. They adapt quickly and can survive under most challenging physical and emotional circumstances. This can make it hard to tell when we’re damaging them, sometimes until it is too late. In addition to this, Internet, social media, industry and modern life make it harder then ever to decipher… Continue reading human condition theory

poor sleep

Every living thing sleeps and the fact that our science hasn’t issued a clear guidance as to how much is needed doesn’t mean that we can get away with less than what our body demands. You can’t tell your body that you slept enough when you didn’t and if it is ever begging you for… Continue reading poor sleep


Chinese say “in the body, there is either ease or dis-ease” and the fact that in English language disease is a synonym for illness shows that western civilization used to know this too. Prolonged exposure to stress has devastating effects on our health yet little is done by our medical establishment to address this issue.… Continue reading stress

Human Health 101

Like everything else, our health is a result of an effort. The more we put into it, the more likely we’ll get a better result. This blog is a conversation and an inquiry into how to improve one’s health. I use the principles of eastern medicine and old style acupuncture (also called the five element… Continue reading Human Health 101