why add Chinese medicine to our medicine cabinet?

We are at the peak of western medicine development, incorporating the most advanced technologies into our vaccines, drugs and surgical procedures. But we as people are not healthier and judging by the explosion of obesity and lifestyle diseases, humans are less healthy then we used to be. Our state of health in general leaves a… Continue reading why add Chinese medicine to our medicine cabinet?


Chinese say “in the body, there is either ease or dis-ease” and the fact that in English language disease is a synonym for illness shows that western civilization used to know this too. Prolonged exposure to stress has devastating effects on our health yet little is done by our medical establishment to address this issue.… Continue reading stress

twelve organs that make, move and store energy

Every language has an expression that goes like “today, I have no energy” and all humans understand it. This is not a scientific declaration, in fact: our science struggles to explant what this means. Explaining the emotion of Love creates a similar problem from western scientific point of view. Ancient Chinese Medicine offers not just… Continue reading twelve organs that make, move and store energy

What can Acupuncture heal?

This is such a common question but the answer is rarely heard. Our bodies know how to create and heal themselves, in vast majority of humans we see a perfect growth (10 fingers, 10 toes and all the rest) from embryo until 20 years of age. It is one of Nature’s greatest miracles that more… Continue reading What can Acupuncture heal?

Why practice Acupuncture?

If you are at Needleit.com, it may already be clear to you why we should learn and practice Acupuncture. If its not, here are just a few reasons: Acupuncture treats the problem – not just the symptom. It will not just remove your migraine, it will remove all of your future migraines and while treating… Continue reading Why practice Acupuncture?