why add Chinese medicine to our medicine cabinet?

We are at the peak of western medicine development, incorporating the most advanced technologies into our vaccines, drugs and surgical procedures. But we as people are not healthier and judging by the explosion of obesity and lifestyle diseases, humans are less healthy then we used to be.

Our state of health in general leaves a lot to be desired, especially if we accept that happiness, compassion, love and bliss are also expressions of one’s overall health and vitality. And they certainly are. Western medicine focuses on managing comfort, removing the symptom – can it improve our vitality, energy levels, capacity for vision and passion in life? Answers to these questions are obvious so what is one to do?

One logical solution would be to compliment our current tools with other healing systems, hoping to add benefits to our Western approach. This seems reasonable and would put (ancient) Chinese medicine on top of the list of options.

Unlike other healing systems, (ancient) Chinese medicine offers understanding and treatment of the human their every level: physical, intellectual, emotional, spiritual and sexual. This by itself is a stunner but it gets even better. Not just that Chinese explained and learned how to treat all assets of a human, their “holistic” method matches their philosophy as well, the explanation of the whole Universe and our place in it. The ultimate holistic approach, bar none. This makes this unique art a very compelling proposition not just for healing but for proper prevention of all disease. And that should be the goal of any medical art.

Western medicine is outright miraculous when it comes to physical health, especially in emergency medicine but only offers to “manage” issues of emotional, intellectual or sexual nature. And western medicine doesn’t even have a conversation about spiritual health and it’s critical importance for our wellbeing.

(ancient) Chinese medicine offers ways to treat diseases on all 5 levels and it also presents 5 tools for healing, health maintenance and disease prevention: acupuncture, herbal medicine, tai chi, chi gong and tui na.