turning one’s health around (1)

Disease looks very much like a downward spiral – unless we interrupt it, it just keeps getting worse and worse. Typically, we use western medicine drugs to arrest that downward movement – it is a practical and usually: a very fast solution.

Acupuncture is an even more powerful tool in stopping the downward spiral oh disease because it doesn’t involve any chemicals (needles are sterile!) and has no side effects. Specifically, the block treatments in Five Element Acupuncture are used for this purpose of stopping and reversing the progress of illness.

Immediate next step is adopting a healthy lifestyle. Healthy lifestyle makes one healthy. It allows body’s defences to fire on all cylinders and our immunity to pounce on any and all invaders. Then we’re resistant to even the most violent viruses known, like Ebola virus for example. It creates a deadly disease but it doesn’t kill everyone it infects.

Healthy lifestyle is the key in fighting every diseases including diabetes, high blood pressure, IBS and other modern syndroms, arthritis and kidney disease and pretty much anything that can go wrong with our health. Even with trauma and deep, physical injuries, a healthy lifestyle will allow one a faster and more complete recovery.