So arresting and reversing the spiral requires strategy and focus. Our main tools revolve around the previously mentioned 4 riders of disease apocalypse: stress, sleep, diet and exercise.   Stress can temporarily be removed by “buying time”, removing yourself from your stressors, even borrowing money so you don’t have to wait until you have it. One should do whatever it takes to get a break. Few weeks is often enough.    After removing (even temporary) your stress, sleep well be the most important tool in your recovery. We grossly underestimate the power of sleep because we don’t have scientific data to prove it. But anecdotal information should  really be enough…    Did you ever wonder why is a bed featured on street signs for Hospital? All over the world when we drive down the road, a sign doesn’t have a picture of a doctor or even a red cross – it is always a bed. It could be argued that the biggest benefit of hospital stay is actually getting rest. When starting in a hospital, we typically see a doctor only for a few minutes of a morning, nurses are there to provide meals and medication but we are so bored and with nothing better to do, we spend most of our time sleeping and napping. And that is how we heal!    We sleep poorly these days. A few years ago, research showed that people in Japan sleep 6 hours per night, on average. USA was in the second worst place with 6 hours and 15 minutes. These numbers are just incredible because they show that millions of citizens of Japan and USA must be sleeping just 4 hours or night!    Many people can’t remember the last time they had good sleep and this state of mass sleep deprivation Matt be one of the main reasons our societies and our planet is in such poor state. When humans are miserable and ill, it is impossible to remain kind, loving and connected.    The good news is that everyone has had good sleep at least some parts of their life so that’s how we know that the body can manufacture good sleep. Good sleep is not created through medication so depending on your situation, you should try to proceed without drugs.