On Health and Acupuncture

By Milos

Health is a relative term. It could be considered that we are healthy when we feel well or when we don’t display any symptoms of a disease. Ideally, our bodies and our minds know when we’re not in perfect health and automatically adjust to try to bring us back. This works very well most of the time but stress, busy lives and external factors often break down our immune system and our defenses before we can adjust.

Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) offer a new opportunity for health and a robust immune system. They approach human as a whole “body-mind-soul” package and provide tools for a patient and for a practitioner to access and adjust energy flow at a deep level. This means that one’s body defenses can be maintained to perform at their peak over the period of many years. What a great concept in times when our environment changes along with our fast-paced and busy lives filled with stress, threat to lesses our ability to fight off disease and recover quickly once we get sick.

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