How Healthy are you?

By Milos

Health is a relative state of being but most of us consider being healthy when we don’t experience discomfort. We still may feel lazy, uninspired, disconnected or even downright hateful but our current ’standard of health’ is so low that we’re happy with just ‘absence of pain’.

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) sees Health as more then just lack of symptoms of disease. In TCM and Acupuncture, we recognize that when our organs are healthy, we also become healthy. This happens not just on Physical but also on Emotional, Intellectual, Sexual and Spiritual level. This is why we say that Acupuncture has tools to address any condition a human being may encounter.

An example of this is extreme worry. As an emotion, worry  has an important role in moving us to action when we feel that something essential for our life, like food or shelter, may not be available in the future. However, ancient chinese observed that when worry is excessive or we tend to worry over important and also not-so-important things in life that there is often a deficiency of energy reaching Stomach and Spleen organs. An Acupuncturist will then look for other signs of problems on Stomach or Spleen such as deficient pulses, excessive craving of sweets or perhaps a trend of a quick loss (or fast gain) of weight. If multiple symptoms point to these organs and we treat Stomach and/or Spleen accordingly, there is often a significant drop in patient’s everyday worry.

This is why it is important to really raise our standards of Health and start looking at our life in a different light. Are we joyful? Connected? Compassionate? Do we like meeting new people? Do we care about others? Do we like helping others? Do we fear others or fear the world? All of these are symptoms of health or lack of health, our ability to connect and our energy to reach out to the world and lead rich and full lives.

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