Food: What are we supposed to eat?

By Milos

It is widely accepted that Food we eat is one of the main causes of health or disease. Yet, try Googling “Natural foods” and you’re in for a surprise – not one of the results on the first page has anything to do with listing or explaining what are the foods we should choose because we were designed to eat them.

So, what are the foods that are Natural to Humans? The answer is easy – everything that grows out of the ground or from a tree and that did not get processed through a machine. In other words, our (Human) natural diet consists of: Vegetables, Fruits, Nuts, Seeds and some meat which is probably added to the list just so we could survive periods when crops availability is limited.

Because our environment is so polluted, it is more important then ever that we eat food that is as close to Natural as possible. Our Air, Soil and Water are not pure anymore and toxic chemicals we consume through our food should give us the best reason to start choosing ‘whole’ and ‘organic’ foods all of the time or at least: most of the time.

In preparing food, it is smart to try to preserve as much of vitamins and minerals as possible. Raw foods are best but many vegetables are impossible to consume when raw. The healthiest preparation methods are also the fastest ones – steaming, stir frying and boiling. Baking, deep frying and roasting take longer and also kill many if not most food benefits wile increasing ‘free radicals’.

In Chinese medicine, we are always reminded that Humans are inseparable from Nature. We are a part of it as we never stop bringing air into our body and we survive by consuming food and liquid every day of our lives. Ancient Chinese tradition encourages consumption of local and pure foods, prepared to be easy to digest and offer variety that will let us produce all sorts of Chi we need in our daily lives.

Chinese medicine recognizes the deep connection between food and health and even observes how deficiency of our organs manifests itself through our preference for one taste over the others. Here are the correspondences as used in the Five Element Acupuncture:

Element Wood Fire Earth Metal Water
Organs Liver, Gallbladder Heart, Small Intestine Spleen, Stomach Lung, Large Intestine Kidney, Bladder
Flavor Sour Bitter Sweet Spicy Salty

Health Alternatives Vegetable nutrition chart


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