How to find health again?

By Milos

No one is 100% healthy. Our health is “shades of gray”, some times in our life it is better, sometimes worse. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) states that our health is a direct result of the state of our Organs. According to TCM, there are 12 main Organs in the body – they generate and move energy necessary for all parts to survive. When we stop making energy, we quickly run out of it and we die.

It is those 12 “Officials” that are in charge of fixing, lubricating, maintaining and improving the state of our body and mind. It is probably the most complex and sophisticated creation Mother Nature ever made. The relationships between those Organs affect how we handle stress, how quickly we can repair, how much we laugh, how interested in communication and connection with other people we become. In other words, health is a level of balance between our organs, not a state of a unit (head, stomach or liver) but a state of a union.

So, how do we bring lost health back? We can and should use the Western Medicine to try to prevent more damage, to arrest decay. Western Medicine is miraculous when it comes to emergency procedures or stopping massive bleeding, infections, deadly diseases that have already taken hold. But when it comes to regenerating our Liver or Spleen, or when it comes to repairing our knee with its own new cells, the Western Medicine can not (and will probably never) beat our body’s ability to grow and prosper.

This is why the ultimate step we can make in regaining health is to actively “align our lifestyle with our design”. This is one of the most profound truths you may never learn in school because our educational system teaches how to work but not really how to live well. This “align” thing means that our health is up to us and we need to keep trying to match our actions to correspond exactly to the needs of our body. It is like the opposite of pouring milk into a gas engine. It is actually like finding the best fuel for “our engine”: eating foods that came from the ground or a tree – not processed through a machine. It means sleeping like we were designed to sleep: at least 8 hours (for most of us), and even more if we are not well and need to heal. And sleep non-stop. Moving our blood moves our energy around, it makes everything function better. By now, there is no confusion that we all need physical movement, that sedentary lifestyle is not conducive to good health. Finally, we live in a world filled with stress. It is up to us to find better and better ways of dealing successfully with high exposure to stress that we have.

If we want to practical about our health and well being, we need to pay attention to the needs or our body, specifically: the needs of our 12 Officials. There are many reasons why this is so and the fact that “if we do this, we can never go wrong” is just one of them.

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  1. Ivana Curcic on June 9, 2013 at 4:35 am

    Thank you for explaining well the importance of balance in our organs and how to use appropriately the various types of medicine.

    How does one find a good acupuncturist? I live in London, where there is a great number of practitioners but it is difficult to select one.

    Also how do you combine acupuncture with yoga and other breathing techniques? Recently I have come across information about the Buteyko method of breathing. While the method make sense, the claims of all the disorders it can cure leaves one doubtful. Are you familiar with it?

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