It is all up to us

By Milos

A beginning of a New Year is the time of Resolutions and a renewed sense of power over our life. So this is a good moment for us to remember that everything is up to us. This World is defined by who we choose to be, how we choose to use Earth’s resources, how connected and involved we are with fellow humans and their struggle. WE create our world and nowhere is that more evident then on what we choose to spend our money on. This is the area that will always be governed and changed according to what we think, how we feel and, as we  grow wiser as a society, less and less by how Advertisers think we should act.

So make this a Special Year of your Power. Choose wisely and let others know that We are what we buy. Let yourself be guided by how Healthy a product is, how Humane is a service, how will your purchase affect the environment, how will it affect the rights of animals. Choose not to live on credit, double check if a purchase is really necessary and will it possibly hurt other humans. Most of all, remember that if you wish true, enduring Health, you will need people around you to be healthy as well. You will also need a Healthy Earth. To achieve those health goals, we all need to remember that we are all One and we define the World through choices we make.

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