Steps to good Health

By Milos
Our health is a result of countless factors, from genetic predispositions to our food intake, to how close do we live from a power plant… It is impossible to control all variables but here is an easy way to focus on most important things you can change. The four main factors that define our health are:
1. Stress Level
2. Sleep
3. Food and drink
4. Exercise
It could be said that they also come in that order of importance because nothing affects our flow of energy as much as extreme emotions like extreme Anger, Fear or Worry. The second factor is Sleep because it is the time of our day when our bodies ‘fix’ themselves. The third one is our intake of food and liquid because that defines the quality of energy we will produce to keep us going. The fourth one is essential to good quality of life as it makes the body ‘move’ blood and Qi and that way rejuvenate and feed tissues and organs on regular basis.

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