High price of slow progress

By Milos

A recent article posted on Bloomberg News site reports that there may be a connection between Prostate Cancer and early balding. Specifically, Western Scientists report that balding at age 20 will double (statistical) risk of developing Prostate Cancer later in life. This sounds like it could become a very useful discovery, especially for man that started loosing hair so early in life. Currently, there is no way for Western Medicine to “treat” those men before any cancer appears, after all, prevention is not the main focus of Western Medicine. However, millions of dollars could find their way into research labs to possibly test and “develop” a pill for preventing Prostate Cancer in above mentioned risk group. It could take decades but it could also bring a (profitable) new way to save lives.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and in Acupuncture, there is no mystery here. The Water Element that is represented by Bladder and Kidney is in charge of our sexual organs as well as head hair. This is something observed by Ancient Chinese many thousands of years ago(!). When our Bladder and / or Kidney’s energy is out of balance, we display all sorts of symptoms such as early hair loss and thinning hair. Unchecked Bladder or Kidney energy balance will eventually produce bigger problems like poor function of those organs, reduced sexual function or even cancer. It is simple. It is available information, easily located in any Acupuncture book or manual. So why is it taking Western Science so long to “discover” those “common knowledge” links? And who knows how many stunning discoveries will come to us because of statistical research instead of studying knowledge and wisdom established thousands of years ago.

Anyone who practices or teaches Acupuncture and TCM will know how I feel when I read news like this. Don Quixote comes to mind… It is not how much benefit Acupuncture can bring to humanity, it is how well can it be marketed. So sad and such a high price we have to pay for blindly following Western Medicine.

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