Ways to select points in Five Element Acupuncture

By Milos

In Five Element Acupuncture, we use four different ways to select points when treating any condition:

1. Locally – in the case of a sports injury, we can choose the area around the injury sight and treat it locally to encourage the body to send energy to that specific location.
2. Point – all of Acupuncture points have specific uses / benefits associated with them. For example, Kidney 3 which is also called “Great Mountain Stream” is known to successfully treat: Hypertension, tuberculosis, nephritis, menopausal syndrome, irregular menstruation and other conditions. In treating them, we can choose Kidney 3 point.
3. Meridian – if treating irregular menstruation (for example) and wanting to also address the Fire Element or not touch the Earth Element that Kidney 3 is associated with, we could choose another point on the same, Kidney Meridian. In this example, we would use the Kidney 2, called “Blazing Valley” because it is connected to Fire Element and also located on the Kidney Meridian.
4. Element – finally, we can choose to needle a point on a grand, Element level. Choosing points this way allows for the deepest changes to occur because this way we can address person’s CF – Causative Factor. Each one of us has one Element that is called our “greatest weakness and our greatest strength”. It could be Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal or Water and it will usually be the first Element to go out of balance. This fourth way allows us to address problems at the deepest level.

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