What can Acupuncture heal?

By Milos

Our bodies know how to heal themselves and Acupuncture works by connecting and directing that power. Our bodies and minds are exposed to detrimental influences of our surroundings and weather every day of our lives and our bodies do an amazing job of adjusting and protecting themselves. However, when these influences are too powerful, too frequent or when our vitality drops, Acupuncture will be the most efficient way to healing.

Everything that a human body and its Immune System can heal – Acupuncture can “heal”. That includes treatment of: all sorts of aches (headaches, backaches, etc), ulcers, heartburn, asthma, sores and all kinds of skin issues, vision, hearing, neck and back problems, joint and hip problems, cramps, swelling and so on. Acupuncture will greatly speed up healing process of mending bones, tendons, cuts and bruises, increase circulation, normalize blood pressure, increase energy level and stamina, improve functioning of digestive and reproductive organs, greatly improve fertility, etc. Acupuncture “partners” with you to bring the healing on.

Acupuncture is for everyone regardless of age or health condition. Because it relies on one’s own power to heal, Acupuncture can not be detrimental – it will “work” or “not work” based on the quality of diagnosis, selection of points and needleing.

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