Winter is the Best Time to Treat…

By Milos

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), each Element has a different season of the year associated with it. Organs that belong to each Element will respond best when treated during their season. As we said before, the Season of Winter corresponds to Water Element.

Season Element Organs
Spring Wood Gallbladder and Liver
Summer Fire Small Intestine, Heart, Triple Heater and Pericardium
Late Summer Earth Stomach and Spleen
Autumn Metal Large Intestine and Lung
Winter Water Bladder and Kidney

Illnesses associated with Water Element and its organs (Kidney and Bladder) are best treated in December, January and February. This is because our own “Water Energy” peaks in those months as our bodies heal and improve the function of Bladder and Kidney. Those two Organs govern the following processes:

- processing and regulating the amount of moisture in the body. Bladder and Kidney determine the amount of all liquid in the body: blood, lymphatic system liquids, saliva, tears, sexual fluids, lactation, urine, etc.
- Water Element rules body’s bones and marrow as well as the brain. It determines the strength and flexibility of our bones, the quality and function of our bone marrow and brain.
- Kidney acts as body’s main energy store. When healthy, Kidney provides us with boundless energy to stay awake, work, play, explore and allows brain to function at peak levels.
- Bladder Organ stores and eliminates liquid toxins from the body, it displays and also affects our ability to be adaptable and flexible.
- Water determines our sexual drive and ability to procreate. Bladder and Kidney rule testes and ovaries, prostate, sexual organs and secretions.
- Water Organs regulate liquids within ears.
- Growth and quality of head and pubic hair are determined by Water Element. Body hair is ruled by Lung (Metal).

Here are some of the possible signs of Kidney and Bladder imbalance:

- lack of energy, lack of will power, lack of ambition
- high blood pressure
- too frequent or lack of frequency in urination
- excess or deficiency of perspiration
- loss of libido and impotence
- sexual disfunction including premature ejaculation
- craving or fearing cold weather
- using too much or too little salt
- feeling extremely low in energy, especially during Water Element hours (between 3 and 7 pm)
- hearing and ear problems
- dryness of the mouth, too little or too much saliva
- loss of head hear, early graying of head or pubic hair
- unusual changes in bone and skeleton shape, curving of the spine
- arthritis, painful joints
- being too fearful, phobias of all sorts (of height, enclosed spaces, people, sex, new things, darkness, death)
- depression
- feeling overwhelmed by life
- poor memory
- lack of “flow” in the thought process
- lack of flexibility in life, lack of ability to adapt to life’s changes / challenges
- blue hue around eyes or mouth indicates Water imbalance

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