How many points should I expect to do each treatment?

By Milos

The number of Points your Acupuncturist decides to treat on each individual treatment depends on many factors like: the state of your overall health, the frequency of your treatments, how long have you been experiencing your disease, etc.

Ideally, you would initially see your Acupuncturist once per day, scheduled in the hours corresponding to Organ being treated. However, this is out of question for most of us because of our work and private obligations. Because of that, we’ll usually start with a once or twice per week treatment, followed with a regular weekly, bi-weekly and eventually just once per month “maintenance” session.

On each meeting, the Acupuncturist will try to treat the least amount of Points necessary. Idea behind this approach is that if we move energy on fewer Meridians, we will have a stronger response. Usually this means between 4 and 7 or 8 points treated. Each Point has two needles except points on CV and GV Meridians that are not bilateral.

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