Everything is Everything

By Milos

We are one. All created by other humans, given birth by a mother. We all need food to grow, air to breathe, shelter to survive. We grow unstoppably, seek love and connection. We have to share our lives and experiences with others as we age and gain wisdom. Eventually, we die. No human can escape these conditions – it is who we all are and where all of us are going to.

Human life on Earth is one with the rest of the planet. We all know this yet some of us will forget it sometimes. We can’t be separated from the air or the soil that gives us food. We can’t be separated from oceans and expect to somehow survive. In this sense, everything on our planet, everything around us is a part of us, forever and always.

In our western culture, we have forgotten that “everything is everything”. Everything is connected because all is a part of the same whole. But our way of life and our modern science, break everything into pieces and, in the process, make us separate everything in our minds. Through years of education, we are also conditioned to separate and break everything down to its basic components. Always to see parts separate from the whole, always trying to figure things out while intentionally ignoring the “big picture”.

Far-Eastern philosophy and medicine recognize the oneness of the Universe. They see the conditions we share with each other and with our planet. To (traditional) Chinese, the path is clear and we can not escape it. We can only choose to embrace our nature and the ‘oneness’ that surrounds us or we can ignore it to our own peril. Embracing it means living in harmony with the Universe, cultivating wisdom, generating compassion for others that share this place with us and intentionally living a life filled with love and giving. Ignoring the Universal truths leaves us fighting with each other, thinking of ways to ‘outsmart’ each other, take more then we need and have more then we need.

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