Welcome to the Season of Water

By Milos
In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), each of the Five Elements has a Season of the year associated with it. Wood has Spring, Fire – Summer, Earth – Late (Indian) Summer, Metal has Autumn and Water completes the cycle with  December, January and February.
Winter months are meant for rest, recuperation, stillness and contemplation. Just like the rest of Nature, we too are supposed to slow down and conserve energy. This is meant to be the time of healing and collecting energy for another cycle of Seasons. If we observe Nature, we’ll notice that this is exactly what plants and animals do in Winter. They hunker down, slow their metabolism and use Winter time for rest and preparation for another year.
It is no wonder that, even in warm climate of Southeast Asia, we feel like slowing down and not expanding too much energy. Even our workouts will have to adjust – the body is not meant to go all-out, all year long. Adjusting your diet should also occur. Warm and nourishing soups, cooked foods (as opposed to grilled), lots of beans, pees, leeks. Pork is the meat associated with Water Element. Your body will expect more sleep in those months and that is natural and necessary – do yourself a favor and allow for that.
In terms of healing, Water Season is the time when your Bladder and Kidneys will respond best to treatment. This is because those organs peak in energy and performance in the time of Water. If you have any issues with Bladder, Kidney or your reproductive organs – Winter is the best time to address them or look into solving them.

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