Why practice Acupuncture?

By Milos

To practice Acupuncture is to commit to a calling of the highest order. In my opinion, there is no other career / profession that makes more sense in this world. This is  a “bold statement” so please let me explain what I mean.

I believe that we come to this world in order to learn and evolve. I think that we do reincarnate and that once here, it is really up to us to use our time and our abilities wisely and to grow through life. I think that growing is a life-long process, never meant to stop, not for retirement or any other reason. In this process of learning and gaining wisdom, it seems to me that interacting with humans offers the best source of ideas, knowledge and experiences – more then any library or school could ever provide. In addition to providing constant interaction with people, Acupuncture is also letting one practice and expand their Love and Compassion – two of the most important things in life, as far as I am concerned.

But wait, there is more! Acupuncture creates conditions for patients to take their existence to another level. In Acupuncture eye, when we are healthy, we don’t just feel well – we are ready and able to get deeply involved in the world and in other people’s lives. The patient does not just survive day to day – they become “up to something”. That separates Acupuncture and Medicine from everything else one can do in life. You can be an Artist, Engineer, Scientist, a CEO or a Politician and nothing you do can affect other humans in such a profound, intimate and powerful way and bring complete wonder and happiness to others. Practicing Acupuncture lets one tangibly improve the world we live in, one treatment at a time. I can’t think of another endeavor that would be more useful and rewarding, a true win-win situation. Can you think of one?

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