Where does Acupuncture fit in your life?

By Milos

CalendarAcupuncture is the perfect “preventative medicine” because it allows us to adjust one’s energy flow before any discomfort, pain or symptoms of disease appear. By using S.H.A.F. (Seeing, Hearing, Asking and Feeling), the practitioner is able to notice negative trends in one’s health well before they develop into real problems. We observe the face, tongue, hands, feet, skin and hair quality; we listen to patient’s sound of voice to point us to their CF (Causative Factor) we ask detailed questions about their complains, views, experiences and opinions and finally, we take their pulses and palpate any areas that may allow us better understanding of the underlying condition. Acupuncturist then selects the Points, Meridians and Elements that need attention before any chronic problem arises. Because of this, it is safe to say that very often, Acupuncturist is the closest person one has in life in terms of listening, knowing and understanding the totality of one’s life experience. The “preventative” Acupuncture is usually scheduled once per month and on continuing basis. It can be seen as a powerful (and very affordable) health insurance plan.

Once the disease settles in, it is always harder to remove. In Western Medicine, we use powerful drugs to quickly minimize the symptoms and alleviate the pain but deep causes of disease are almost never possible to remove instantly. In fact, Acupuncture may present a faster way of healing because by default, it immediately addresses the cause of the problem as well as the symptom. As tested and proven, Acupuncture can be used for treating any condition that stems from body’s inability to fight off external invasions as well as situations arising because body is not functioning in the way it was designed to. Examples of those cover problems of skeletal, muscular, nervous, cardiovascular, digestive and any other system or body’s function. Our bodies are in the process of never ending repair and renewal and any of the problems stemming from body’s failure to properly maintain or repair itself can be solved with Acupuncture. Those issues may take more or less time but are usually treated on weekly or biweekly basis.

Those are good reasons why you should consider finding and seeing an Acupuncturist, if you don’t already have one. There are many excellent resources for finding a practitioner, the best being personal recommendations, practitioner’s websites or lists of Acupuncture Schools Alumni. Health determines the quality and length of our life span and it is smart to give our bodies care and attention they deserve.

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