CF Theory

By Milos

So far we’ve covered the theories of Qi, Yin-Yang and Five Elements. To use those theories in real life, we need another piece of the puzzle, the CF theory.

CF stands for “Constitutional Factor”. It is one of the Five Elements and each person has a CF. In Acupuncture, we call CF our “greatest strength and our greatest weakness”. This is so because our CF determines our best qualities and talents and also is the Element that has a tendency to first fall out of balance.

It is easy to see that each of us can have a single Element as their Constitutional base but still be different from any other human. This is because our CF combines with other Elements to give us a unique set of characteristics and flavors. Still, our CF will always be there, we can’t change it and we’ll do best to know what it is and to try to support this Element and its Organs and watch out for known patterns of disharmony that are associated with each of the Elements.

Here is an example of Earth CF: Earth CF will be a person that displays nurturing tendencies. She loves people and loves to help, often offering advice and showing great diplomatic skills in solving other people’s problems and disagreements. The Earth CF person is “grounded” and steady, interested in wide variety of topics, she gravitates toward jobs that involve working with people or nature. She is a good listener and can make a stranger feel comfortable. She knows how to be supportive, reliable and focused and will always work at extending her network of people. Earth CF people make great therapists and diplomats as they are interested in harmony, moderation and service. They can also love to be needed and are compelled to interfere.

A “sweet” person, Earth CF hides her tendency to worry behind a smile and positive facade. She often has a “sweet tooth” (“sweet” is the flavor of Earth Element). She is very good at serving and providing but she can also easily get sucked into other people’s lives and even become obsessive and overprotective of people in her circle.

Earth CF people have a tendency toward Spleen and Stomach imbalances. When this happens, they tend to “absorb and store” instead of “ripen and transform” food and to generate more “mass” then “energy”. Their appetite can become erratic and their weigh can fluctuate widely.

We will next talk about the Patterns of Disharmony and how they can be used to better manage one’s health.

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