Lifestyle Plans

By Milos

When looking at our lifestyle and ways to improve it, we can easily see that certain factors will bring results faster then others. Those would be first things we should focus on doing as they will not only bring prompt improvement but also provide confidence that we can take on bigger challenges in order to improve the quality and length of our life.

The easiest and most powerful change we can make is to adopt a whole-food diet. We will go into more detail later but lets just quickly set a few parameters for healthy eating:

- consume only whole, non-processed and additive-free foods.
- stop drinking coffee – it is very toxic and draining on Kidneys and it also disturbs our body’s liquid retention balance.
- stop drinking alcohol, especially hard liquor (or wine and beer in large quantities).
- if you are still smoking, stop.

Take your time implementing those choices but also start on any kind of physical activity that will improve your blood flow. Try to do it daily or at least “almost every day” even if it is just walking for 2 miles or riding a bike for four miles at a time. In the beginning, it is essential that your body keeps circulating blood and essence as often as possible because this will also speed up elimination of toxins accumulated in your organism.

Try to sleep at least 7 hours per day. For many of us, this will be a huge challenge as we’re sleep deprived and think we have “learned” to live with it. Sleep is the only time when our bodies really fix themselves. We were designed to spend a good portion of our life sleeping and we can’t alter that or fight it with no consequence. Sleep is essential.

The steps described above are not a part of a diet program that will eventually end – those are the habits that you should want to develop and improve over the years as you continue to learn more about your own body and its needs. The day to day well being and high and constant energy that you will start feeling all the time are worth the effort and also the best reward you can get. Once started, this process will quickly stop feeling as a sacrifice and become fun and challenging game of “how can I do better for my body?”. It maybe the best thing you will ever do for your self!

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