I am a runner

By Milos
One of the best ways to quickly improve your health and to keep your body and Immune System in top shape is to exercise regularly. The aim is to improve your metabolism by increasing your body’s circulation of blood and Qi. Exercising will also strengthen your heart and lungs, cause sweat to eliminate toxins from your muscles and skin and keep your muscles in good operating condition.  Daily routine is the best but not always available so aim for a minimum of 4 times a week or more.
Ancient Chinese preferred low-impact Tai Chi or Qigong exercises. They focus on one’s breathing and build up the reserve of Qi as well as leg and mid body muscles. However, they require a teacher, take time to learn and take about 30 minutes to perform. They also maybe less effective in improving circulation then running, walking, swimming or other aerobic activities.
For those of us that are committed to a daily routine but can’t put in more then 30 minutes to an hour, running or fast walking may be the most efficient way to exercise. Both require minimum equipment, can be done anywhere your life takes you and don’t require any talents or level of health to start. My favorite reason for running is that I can do it every morning, as I wake up and before the world rushes into my day.
When I started running, I was already in my late 30s and with no previous history of any regular physical activity. I wasn’t unhealthy but I certainly had no idea what exercising really meant. At that time, I was so convinced that I could not be a runner that I took it on for a month just to prove that point.
I always thought that running was “not for me” because my legs felt weak (which they were), my knees seamed too skinny to carry my body and, worst of all – my shins would hurt after just few minutes of a light jog. Somehow, (in my ignorance) I “knew” that this was not for me! In the very beginning, I stuck to a routine of run-walk-run when I couldn’t run because I was out of breath or in too much pain. I would just insist on doing it for at least 20 minutes per day. My girlfriend gave me Acupuncture to relieve the shin splints by treating the calf points on Stomach and Spleen Meridians. Despite running every day, the shin pain was completely gone in the first few weeks and my legs and lungs became strong enough to allow me to jog for 15 and then even 20 minutes straight. My knees still felt weak but didn’t hurt, so I kept going. The breakthrough came in the second month when I was strong enough to run about 20 minutes or more at the time and I discovered the amazing feeling of runner’s high – the exhilarating sensation that makes me feel that there is nothing in the world I can’t do. The feeling may not last the whole day but those moments feel like I am another person in another world and they are truly priceless.
Over the years I lived in different cities and countries and my work would demand long hours and sometime keep me up late at night. But running in the morning always works because it is before there is any food in my system and there is nothing that can not wait for half an hour. If you don’t have any routine right now, try walking or running in the morning, chances are, you will get hooked!

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