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Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) are meant to be used for elimination of disease and for life-long maintenance of health. The obvious benefits of staying healthy and performing to the best of our abilities are even more pronounced in this day and age of emerging new weather patterns, high stress workplaces and declining quality of food choices.

Because human body is so adaptable to its environment, we can say that we are in almost complete control of our long term health. We can manipulate it and fine-tune it at will. While it maybe too late for most of us to aspire to health and performance heights of people like Michael Jordan, Lance Armstrong or Roger Federer, it is never too late to start providing one’s body with appropriate nourishment, exercise, rest and relaxation so one can perform at their peak current and future potential. It will, without any doubt, affect not just how long we live, but how well we feel and perform every day of our life.

The thing to remember is what we all know: our bodies have the capacity to “fix” and adjust themselves. In the West, we call this Immune System and no one would deny its existence. We all know that its powerful mechanism allows for production of anti-bodies, healing of wounds and fusing of bones. The thing that most of us forget is that, like everything else, our body will perform according to conditions surrounding it. If we provide it with optimal environment, it will work well. If not, it will work not-so-well. This is common sense but most of us live in some degree of negligence when it comes to taking care of our own body and our Immune System as well.

The support of our health may come from Acupuncture or Western Medicine treatment but the foundation for a life-long health is laid by our lifestyle. It begins with choices we make in terms of food and liquid intake and continues through physical exercise routine, stress reduction steps and how much sleep we choose to provide our body with. Those four are critical choices we all make and they define how well we spend our short time on this planet.

We’ll be exploring more of those topics under the Lifestyle category.

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