Choosing the Practitioner

By Milos

In just 40 years, Acupuncture has grown to a global alternative for medical treatment. There is hardly a town anymore that doesn’t have an Acupuncturist so it is easy to find one and start getting your “body-mind-soul” healthier. The best way to choose a practitioner is to meet them first. Every Acupuncturist is different based on their experience (in practice and in life) and energy and enthusiasm they bring to their work. It is very important that you feel confident but also comfortable with this person.

You will find useful to ask questions about Acupuncture but also about how your potential Acupuncturist views health and life in general, do they appear healthy and what are their opinions on food, herbs, exercise, etc. Acupuncture is the best tool for “moving Qi” but the overall health will depend on also utilizing optimal diet, sleep and healthy lifestyle. Your Acupuncturist should have a good understanding of those domains and be able to provide guidance in those areas as well.

Finally, be open to change. If you feel that you are not getting the attention and results after an “honest try”, be open to considering other Practitioners. After all, to really enjoy life and achieve all that you can achieve, you owe to your self the best treatment you can find. Don’t be afraid to look for that.

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