Why Acupuncture?

By Milos

If you are here, it may already be clear to you why we should learn and / or practice Acupuncture. If its not clear yet, here are a few reasons:

Acupuncture treats the whole body – not just the symptom. It will not just remove your migraine, it will also remove all of other symptoms related to imbalance that brought you a migraine.

Western Medicine treats the symptom and is often not so concerned with a cause of disease. Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) never looses sight of the Whole and understands that vast majority of symptoms are just indications of a bigger issue. Acupuncture will work to bring Harmony to one’s body as a whole – it has a way of creating balance and Harmony so that a disease does not happen. And we all know: Prevention is the best medicine.

Acupuncture fills a huge gap in our ability to understand and treat disease. Western Medicine and Science has brought us tremendous advances and success but we all know that our (Western) model is limited because it is based on “measurable phenomena”. This model works great to explain all sort of phenomena that our machines can measure but once we can’t find the way to measure Vitality, does that seriously mean that Vitality does not exist? Same goes for the energy we posses to grow our bodies, our stamina, our Immune System’s ability to heal the body, etc. Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) offer not just answers but methods of how to use those powerful forces of self healing to our advantage.

Acupuncture is not invasive. The sterile needle is inserted and then taken out, leaving no trace behind. When trying to heal your symptoms with Western Medicine, you will be told to take drugs that contain active ingredients but also many other chemicals that will remain in your blood and your organs for years to come. We all know of horrible results of mixing prescription drugs – Michael (Jackson), Heath Ledger; many of us lost someone dear but we are not aware of thousands of people that die every year all over the world because of mixing wrong drugs.

Acupuncture opens a possibility or life of true health and pain-free existence long after we gave up and excepted that certain alignments or pain have to be a part of our daily reality.

Acupuncture is portable. All one needs is a sterile Acupuncture needle. This means that once trained, you can help anyone, anywhere and anytime – no office, no machines and no other instruments needed. What a great concept for anyone keen on healing family, friends or strangers, where ever they may be.

Finally and maybe most important, Acupuncture and the Five Element Theory offer a window into another world or rather – a different window into our world. It is a view that most of us have never seen. By understanding, learning and practicing Acupuncture, both the patient and the practitioner benefit equally. One by gaining and maintaining Harmony in their body, the other by observing, understanding and practicing the ways of the Universe.

Happy needling!

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  1. Jin Hu on June 16, 2010 at 2:32 pm

    Super, I know you nailed it! Thanks for good writing. Regards

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