Another Acupuncture Blog!?

By Milos

What is going on here? Don’t we have hundreds of Acupuncture sites and dozens of blogs? Is enough ever really enough any more?!

I am sorry to disagree but while there is tons of great stuff out there, I can’t seem to find THE site I like going to to get the basic and simple answers to essential Acupuncture (and Chinese Medicine) questions. I love Acupuncture and it is sort of my obsession lately. I am reading all I can about it, trying to get to the bottom of Theory and practice, looking for secrets, reading the clues.

I see a future where most people will turn to Acupuncture needle for help with maintaining and building a higher standard of health then what we have nowadays in America. I see a day when we all will be open to learning a dozen or two basic points and feeling comfortable providing care to ourselves and our inner family. Acupuncture is very easy to understand, it makes it fascinating and liberating to realize that we can do more for our own health and is a perfect opening into a brighter future.

When I don’t feel my 100%, I say: lets Needle It! :-)

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